Why input?

I have to think of this in terms of input. Why? Some reasons:

  • Input is much more reliable than output.
  • Output can be daunting.
  • Output depends on inputs.
  • Output is really just like cooking with your inputs.
  • Output makes me fret about you.
  • Input is about me.
  • Input focuses on personal and unique experience of things.
  • There is never a gap in input.

A little more on things:

I’m not writing about things. I’m writing about personal experience with things.

A thing is not just one thing. It is a different thing to different people.

Things are related to lots of other things, but experience of a thing is only about those other things to the extent that I’ve thought about them.

That’s as much as I can explain input at the moment, except to add that it seems to be working.

That’s it, but let me use this opportunity to test links between notes.

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