Website technical details

This website was generated from the Digital Garden Jekyll Template by Maxime Vaillancourt, with much appreciation!

I’ve made a few modifications:

  • Changed where the graph appears on the website:
    • I created a separate page for the graph (new files: _layouts/graph.html and _pages/
    • I modified _layouts/note.html to remove the graph from the bottom of individual notes pages. Notes pages now instead include a link to the graph page (previous bullet) in the side section (under “Notes mentioning this note”). I did this because the graph can be annoying when you are scrolling on a mobile device (you get caught in the zoom).
  • Changed notes template to include YAML information about creation date; this entailed modifying _layouts/note.html with page.datefirstcreated code.
  • Smaller aesthetic chnages:
    • Unmentioned notes (notes with no backlinks): the side section text (under “Notes mentioning this note”) is also contained in a gray box (like mentioned notes). This helps visual separation of the side section from the main content.